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April 8


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Author's note- I don't own any  creppypasta expect for these...

. Stitch Up( talked about)

.Danger Zone(Dog)

.Intoxic Echo(talked about)

Another thing if you love werewolves especially the kind from twilight then you'll like this. oh one more thing these werewolves don't walk around shirtless!:p

Also not editing so deal with it please!


               Part 1: New Life

Chapter 1: A Wolf and A Psycho

   I felt a sudden pinch on my waist area. The force of the impact was so surreal. Blood dripped from my mouth. Things started to blur up in red. I look over in the passanger seat. I  see my brother getting knocked  in the head by a car door. My mother already looked dead. Dad was slumped in the driver seat with  a piece of metal in his chest. The car rolled over and I hit my head hard against the car door as we rolled back over. In the mits of this I see someone in a white hood just watching this accident unfold. My vison blurred and I blacked out.

   I awoke with a loud scream. My heart thumps through my chest. Sweat dripped down my face.

    Relax it was just a dream.

    I thought, but I knew that wasn't just a dream. It was all real. I wish it wasn't. I looked at the clock and see it's twelve o'clock. There is no way I'm going back to sleep. I got up and went outside. The air was warm and thick. The moon shone bright wich made my blue eyes glow. I felt myself transform. I usually can control myself, but tonight the insanity in me over took my direction. Yes and if you haven't already figured this out I'm a werewolf.

    I fought my way deep into the forest. My fur was gray with a white under belly. To top it off I had unusal blue markings with black fuzzy ears. Red surrounded my pupils. I have kept a war strong and mighty in me and it is starting to fall.

    I wanted this, but I wasn't expecting this to happen. I sniffed the air taking in the scents. I smelled a strong one that was particularly odd. the scent of drugs mixed with blood and burnt...flesh.

    My paws started to follow the scent out of curiosity. Bad idea. I reached a house and all I could scene was fear,death and a mix of freash and old blood.  As I got closer I found a smashed window. I walked over to it.

     Ocean, what the hell are you doing! Snap out of the curiosity and run away!

   I thought as I now found myself in the second floor. I froze as I saw a dead body. A boy the age eighteen. Blood pooled around him. A stab wound to the heart.

    My heart raced even faster when I see another dead body down the hallway.

       Stop! Your going to die, Run! Why should I run if I don't fear death.

    I shook my head as my mind battled itself. Then I hear it. That psychotic laughing. The evil dark aroura surronded me. There was that dark presence I felt two years ago after my enemy was brutally murdered and the car crash. It was spiked and chained tightly in a dark red ball. As I reached out to it I found that blood was tightly locked up inside. I crept closer as minutes dragged on.

  I pushed a door open with my snout. To my horror I see someone in a white hoody and black jeans. He stood over a dead body. Blood pooled and splattered around the room. There were other bodies to. My guess that this was a group home for teens without parents.

    My eyes dilated as I studied the male. White bleached skin, no eyelids, dark circles under and around his eyes and then what I would believe be his trade mark, a carved smile.

  I backed up a little knocking into a drawer. It came crashing down towards me. I swiftly dogged it.

"My....Why your a fast mutt aren't you. Definitely faster than Smile."


I said the last word plainly.

Damn you idiot! Now this psycho is for sure going to kill me! The hell with it.

 His eyes shot a glance at me. He studied me for a moment. I had to stall him.

  Hehehehehe I know what will work.

     I made an ear piercing howl. The man cluched his ears and he curled up into a ball. The howl made my own ears bleed. I went for the window and crashed through it. I hit the ground with a loud thud.

  I ran back through the woods hoping he wasn't following. He showed up beside me and pulled a knife out. I was deeply taken aback because werewolves should be able to out run humans, but why can't I out run him?

  I tripped on a log and fell face forward into a muddy puddle. I shook my self off and tried to run, but he was blocking my way.

     "What are you?"

      He asked in such a menacing voice that my paws just froze in place. His voice sent a dark reminder of my old enemy. I lunged at him swiftly. He dogged like I expected and I took that to advantage. I kept running.

      He showed up again blocking me. My anger boiled up. I jumped over him and kept running. Something cold pelted my back. I felt blood splatter. I crashed to the ground. Gasping for air I kept running. Every step sent shearing pain through my body.

      Again the man stood in my way. I gave up. I stopped and hissed.

 "Get away from me! I don't have time to play this game of yours! Who the hell are you?"

He chuckled and said,

    "I'll help you if you tell me what you are."

   "Shit your that kind.... Fine.... You know I would guess that you would know, but... I'm a werewolf. And by the way watch your mouth. Don't ever call me a mutt."

  He laughed and I took my chance. I started to run again. This time I beat him to my house. I opened the door and locked it knowing that he'll still find a way in. I quickly ran up stairs. I didn't have time to think. I transformed back into a human and a shearing pain went up my sliced spine. I crumbled to the floor. I then crawled to my medical supply.

    I may be a werewolf, but we can't just magically heal in two seconds. The pain made my vesion blur.  I see a glipms of a white hoody then I went blind and I slipped into darkness.
THIS IS A SAMPLE! YOU LIKE YOU COMMENT AND I POST MORE!Alright changed the title from everybody lies to that. y you ask? because I didn't like the other title anymore.. warning I may change it again.
Summary:A girl named Ocean thinks her life is finally free trouble, but when she finds out the truth about the murder of her enemy she finds herself in more trouble than before.
CH2- radioactivewolf36.deviantart.c…
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This so flibbin awesome, can't wait to read more.
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Thanks you can go into my gallery and in the folder called OC all of the story is in there. I had to take the first 20 chapter and put them in storage for some complicated reasons but theres a lot more
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